Toyah and Robert Fripp's "Sunday Lunch" covers series , filmed in the couple's kitchen, are always flamboyant and theatrical but this week's video comes with warning: "WARNING: You are about to see our favourite kitchen trio as you have never seen them before AND IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN" with the description adding  they "take it to the extreme this weekend." In it they cover The Prodigy's 1996 single "Firestarter" and for it both Toyah and Robert are sporting Keith Flint-style mohawks and makeup. (Robert's also wearing a Lamb of God shirt.) Meanwhile, enigmatic collaborator Sydney Jake, who usually sports a metal t-shirt, is dressed up in a suit and vest which is usually Fripp's style. Toyah makes good use of one of their copper pots for percussion and they've put a homemade "Keith ♥️ " sign on their cupboards as a tribute to the late Prodigy singer.

Watch that below.

Last week's Sunday Lunch was Heart's "Barracuda."

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