UK trio deep tan make spiky, post-punk influenced rock that is both minimalistic and danceable. The group just released their third single, "deepfake," where they sing "Is this the new trend / Deep in the fake end" over an insistent, staccato groove. “The song is a comment on consent," say the band. "When deepfakes first emerged, they were considered a real political threat. However, they’re mainly used to degrade women. A report by Deeptrace Labs found that 96% of deepfakes online involve simulating porn of female celebrities (without their consent). This song is a comment on this strange internet subculture.”

We've got the premiere of the new "deepfake" video which was directed by Simon Milner of the band Is Tropical and uses very basic deepfake technology -- he created the whole thing on an iPhone and only needed selfies from the band to make it. It's weird and a little disturbing, and the original version got pulled from YouTube for violating “community guidelines." They've now redone it and weaved the emails YouTube sent them into the video. It's a little more PG-13 and yet perhaps more unsettling. Now hosted on Vimeo, you can watch below.