UK band Weatherstate recently released their first single for Rude Records, "Hangar," which we compared to early/mid 2010s era Basement, Citizen, Title Fight, and other bands of that ilk. Now we're premiering the band's new acoustic version of the track, which strips things down while still hinting at the towering post-hardcore of the original.

"Given the circumstances with everything at the moment we hadn’t had a chance to get together, so being in the studio working on the record posed a great opportunity to make the most of our time and shoot some extra pieces," vocalist/guitarist Harry Hoskins said of the decision to rework the song like this. "We wanted to shoot something a little different to a standard acoustic ballad rendition of a track, especially given the nature of 'Hangar' as a song, so we leaned into more of a stylised approach when it came to the rearrangement to play to its strengths."

Check out the fruits of their labor by watching the new acoustic video and comparing it to the original version of the song below.