Two Minutes to Late Night brought their quarantine covers series to Metal Injection's Slay At Home livestream festival, and host Gwarsenio Hall tapped War On Women singer Shawna Potter and drummer Chris Maggio (Wear Your Wounds, Trap Them, High On Fire, other bands) to form the Van Halen cover band PanaMama and perform four Van Halen covers. They write:

Gwarsenio forced Shawna Potter from War On Women, Chris Maggio from High On Fire, and a his friend John who isn't from a famous band but has gotten SICK on every level of Tony Hawk 2, to cover 4 Van Halen songs with him for Metal Injection's "Slay At Home Festival." These are more traditional covers than you'd normally see on Two Minutes To Late Night but there's a few weird surprises here and there.

Check out the entire Slay At Home Festival on Metal Injection's YouTube.

It was full of cool collaborations and new music from artists that may never play together again! It was also all to raise money for MusiCares and Global Giving.

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There was also an EP of music that was commissioned for Slay At Home released on Bandcamp to benefit Black Lives Matter.