Veteran New York singer songwriter Willie Nile released his 14th album, The Day the Earth Stood Still, which filtered a year's worth of stir-crazy world-changing lockdown feelings into fiery rock n roll, in 2021. He's just made a video for one of the album's standouts, the stream-of-conscious rant about feeling unhinged, "Off My Medication."

“This song just came to me out of nowhere," Willie tells us. "The absurd meets the ridiculous at the Isle of Man Hotel. Sometimes the human race just boggles my mind and I wanted to write something that reflected the too often surreal nature of life here on earth. I thought I must be out of my mind when I was writing it and I probably am but I’m thrilled with how it came out. Life is crazy sometimes and I like having some fun with it while I’m here on this planet.”

Watch the video, directed by Peter Freed and edited Lew Stiefel, below. You can listen to The Day the Earth Stood Still below, too.

Willie's only upcoming show is at Marlborough, NY's The Falcon on April 1.

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