Zachary Cale has been making thoughtful, dusty, folky rock for 20 years now, most that while living in NYC, coming up alongside Sharon Van Etten and Kurt Vile. He just released his seventh album, Skywriting, one of his most fleshed-out, robust sounding albums to date, inspired by time on the road and packed with memorable songs and sparkling arrangements. You can stream the whole album below.

One of the album's standouts is the chiming, introspective "Page by Page," and we've got the premiere of its surreal, whimsical video directed by Matthew Placek. "In the video I'm in the passenger seat of a speeding car with no one at the wheel," Zachary tells us. "As if from a dream when you can't control the car. It could be seen as a metaphor for living the art life. I often find that I'm not in control when I make music, like it's something beyond me. It's that relinquishing of control that allows my brain to follow the train of thought into writing a song."

Zachary continues, "Later in the video I keep busy with other activities to kill time. Playing solitaire, writing lyrics, notes, making paper airplanes. Those were references to the waiting around one has to do on tour. But also the wind is blowing everything away so again it's that idea of impermanence that keeps coming back. The deer could symbolize the hiccups you have on the road. Technical problems, money problems, etc. But in the end I roll with it and use the deer in the band."

Watch the video below.

Zachary will celebrate the release of Skywriting with a show at Union Pool on April 28 with The Zolephants, and JR Bohannon & Alexander Turnquist. Tickets are on sale and the flyer for the show is below.


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