DC hardcore greats Scream have reunited a handful of times over the years, including during a surprise set at the Dragonfly in LA on August 23, 1994 with No More Censorship-era drummer Dave Grohl (just months after the death of Kurt Cobain). Making that set even more exciting and surprising was a guest appearance by another hardcore kid turned famous alt-rocker, Zack De La Rocha, previously of Inside Out and by that point the frontman of Rage Against The Machine. He sung "Human Behavior" with the band, alongside Scream frontman Pete Stahl, and hate5six's Sunny Singh just helped track down and restore footage of the legendary moment. Sunny says:

Every now and then I get the privilege of helping track down/restore/archive incredible moments lost in time. Like this surprise SCREAM reunion set from August 23, 1994 at the Dragonfly in LA when Zack de la Rocha performed "Human Behavior" alongside Pete Stahl with Dave Grohl on drums. Huge thanks to Marc Maxey for finding his tape and sending it to me and Chris Bratton for mentioning this even happened.

Watch the "full" eight-minute set below. "Human Behavior" is the first song.

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