The re-release of Connecticut indie duo waveform*'s 2020 album Last Room is officially out today via their new label home, Run For Cover (order yours). We profiled the band back in November when the album was announced, and now to celebrate the official release, band members Jarett Denner and Dan Poppa have given us a track-by-track breakdown of the record.

Before we let Jarett and Dan take it away, we'd also like to let you know that waveform* are playing some Northeast shows in February, including one in Brooklyn on February 27 at Baby's All Right opening for Hello Mary (whose drummer Stella Branstool sings on the great new album by waveform*'s RFC labelmates Anxious) and Stella Rose & The Dead Language (tickets). All dates are listed below.

Take it away, Jarett and Dan...


"Favorite Song"

Jarett: I think this song came out of a period of "writers block" and I just decided to make the simplest possible song, just to get something out of my system. It ended up being interesting to me because of the vocal harmonies I think.
It's so simple that I can't think of much else to say about it, which was the point of making the song I guess.

"Tell You"

Dan: I think this song started with me tuning the guitar to drop D to try to write a song like Milly's 'Milly'. This song to me, in general, just feels like a combination of every guitar heavy band i've ever liked- (everything from Nirvana to Title Fight). The slow loud part at the end was supposed to feel like doing some kind of metal-core type breakdown in a grungy song like that. With everything i've said, i've never viewed this song as being that original, but who really cares about that.

"Go to Bed"

Jarett: I was fucking around in some made up tuning and found those arpeggios, and I felt like they worked in a sord've creepy lullaby type of way. No Surprises by Radiohead is one of my favorite songs so I am constantly being drawn to that lullaby thing. When I brought it to dan he incorporated all the shoegaze elements that made it what it is.

"Hello Goodbye"

Jarett: I had the first two chords of the song in my head for months, I took the chord progression straight from the Oasis tool kit. I think I watched this dumb songwriting TED talk that explained these lyric writing principles, and I used them when writing that song. I think we originally planned to have drums for the song but we recorded everything but the drums and it matched the sensitivity of the song well.

"Book of Curse"

Dan: This is probably one of the songs i'm most proud of making so far, in my life. There's a bunch of samples on it. I think the ambient part after the singing stops is really crazy sounding but i can't remember, at all, how we did that. I don't know what else to say about this song except that I made a first demo of it, and the guitars were tuned to, like, drop A. It sounded ridiculous and sounds really funny to listen to now.

"Shooting Star"

Dan: I guess the most interesting thing about this song is that we have an album titled 'Shooting Star' but this song wasn't on it. I also know that this song existed, in a few forms, around the time we made that album. I'm not sure why we didn't try to use it, but we have a video on our youtube channel of a really old and spacey version of it, titled 'SHOOTING STAR'.


Jarett: I wrote the majority of this song when I was 15, I think. There is this terrible demo of the song where im trying to sing like Julian Casablancas or something. We started playing it at shows and figured out a better arrangement for it. We decided to put it on Last Room because of how much we were playing it live, even though I was hesitant because its so old. Im happy about it now I think.

"Miner's Lullaby"

Dan: This song also existed while we were making the album Shooting Star. I would just randomly make different instrumental versions of it over the years. I guess somehow we realized it could be cool if tried it as a full band recording, and it made way more sense. Not too sure about how that came up though. What i do remember, though, is that me and Sarah both sang on it. While arranging the song, i realized it sounded so much better without my voice, so we went with that. I also remember that we weren't gonna put this song on the album. It was a 'b side' and one day we uploaded it to soundcloud and promoted it on social media. After a few hours we were like, why wouldn't we put this song on there? Then we immediately took the song off soundcloud, deleted the posts and put it on the track-list. Not that crazy of a "story" but we were just going crazy about finishing the album i guess.

"Blue Disaster"

Dan: I only have a few things to say about this song. We recorded everything, but the drums, at Sarah's house while our friend Seb (of Dearly Somber) was visiting. This was different from usual cuz we'd usually record the guitars in Jarett's bedroom. All I can remember was being up really late in the room Seb was staying in. He was trying to sleep and i was sampling Minecraft note block sounds into the song. It felt funny but those sounds are definitely in the song and they sound cool, i think.

"Last Room"

Dan: I'm not sure if there's much to say about this song. It's definitely one of our favorites to play live, despite being one of the slower songs on the album. Also, the song title/the way it sounds fits the album art really well, i think.


waveform* -- 2022 Tour Dates
02/17 West Haven, CT @ The Beeracks
02/18 Boston, MA @ The Kennel
02/19 New Paltz, NY @ The Elting Memorial Library
02/20 Philadelphia, PA @ Original 13
02/21 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rothko House
02/22 Washington, DC @ Quarry House
02/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right w/ Hello Mary

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