Not only does TikTok help break new artists, it also brings some of the most amazingly random old songs back into the public consciousness, like "Break My Stride" and, more recently (and with a little help from the Just Dance game), German disco group Boney M's 1978 hit "Rasputin." This is of course great news, because "Rasputin" slaps and everyone deserves to hear that hook 16 times a day.

Amidst the song's comeback, Detroit ska-punk band We Are The Union have released a cover of it. No strangers to covers that have a sense of humor but are also entirely sincere, WATU not surprisingly do the song super well and prove that, yes, you do need a ska-punk cover of "Rasputin" in your life. Naturally, it also comes with a tongue-in-cheek, Chris Graue-directed video that plays on the "Rasputin" dance from TikTok/Just Dance. Check it out, along with the equally incredible single artwork, below.

WATU have also been releasing a string of new original singles lately, and those are worth checking out if you haven't already.


WATU Rasputin


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