Bjork Volta

I'm still feeling giddy. I was offered the opportunity to interview Bjork, did it (via email, but still), and she really answered (like just now). Actually - David Bruno, Wes and I worked on it together to quickly come up with questions that covered some dance, some hip hop, and some whatever. Stay tuned for the entire interview on Monday. For now here's a preview....


Can you tell us at least one album or song you're listening to - possibly right now, during and/or right before this interview, and maybe an album you're looking forward to in the future?

Bjork said:

Povo que lavas no rio : amália rodrigues
Ain´t cha : clipse
Leaf house : animal collective
Throw a shadow : eyeless in gaza
Rodeo mechanique : plastique de reve


The rest Monday.

Bjork is gonna be on SNL with host Scarlett Johansson on Saturday April 21st. Volta (cover art above) is out May 7th. Volta-related videos below....

Volta podcast one....

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