The Weakerthans sadly broke up last year, but here's some news that cheers us up a bit. Frontman John K. Samson will release a new solo album called Winter Wheat on October 21 via ANTI-, and it has him backed by The Weakerthans' rhythm section (so that's 3/4 of the band). John told AV Club:

Strangely, this album is technically more like a Weakerthans record than my first solo album. It is co-produced by Jason Tait, The Weakerthans drummer, along with my partner, Christine Fellows, and also features Greg Smith, The Weakerthans bass player, and much of it was recorded by Weakerthans sound tech Cam Loeppky. But in other ways it feels very different. It is a bit of a sprawler at 15 songs, which is unusual for me, and is mostly acoustic and spare, and was recorded in home studios over a really long Winnipeg winter.

The lead single is "Postdoc Blues," which you can listen to here:

John K. Samson – Winter Wheat – Track Listing:
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Postdoc Blues
Winter Wheat
Oldest Oak at Brookside
17th Street Treatment Centre
Vampire Alberta Blues
Carrie Ends the Call
Fellow Traveller
Quiz Night at Looky Lou's
Alpha Adept
Prayer for Ruby Elm
VPW 13 Blues
Virtute at Rest

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