Wedding Dress are releasing their first album since their 2014 debut LP Desperate Glow and first since band leader Erin Elders officially left Maps & Atlases, The Flood Feeling, on Friday (8/28) via Lovitt (pre-order). Erin made it with an impressive caste of indie rock musicians, including Chris Dye (Chin Up Chin Up), Matthew Lemke (Wet Mouth), Geoff Farina (Karate), Nathan Snydecker (Chin Up Chin Up), Pete Croke (Brokeback), Mike Russell (Campdogzz), Adam Mohundro (Tinkerbelles), Angela Mullenhour (Touched by Ghoul), and Marie-Claire Balabanian (Speck Mountain), and the first single is "I Don't Know Love By Its Name."

"I Don't Know Love By Its Name" is a quiet, folky, lazy-Sunday song that's a lot calmer than Maps & Atlases, but no less gripping. It's got a slight psychedelic edge, and it's a real hypnotic song that seeps into your brain and stays there. Listen below.

1. Axis
2. Milklight
3. Along For The Ride
4. Dropped Coins
5. Already Shaking
6. Hard-Voiced
7. Brave Orphans
8. I Don't Know Love By Its Name
9. Doors Always Open
10. Ashes In A Box
11. Give Up Your Light

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