Now that marijuana is legal in California, Coachella attendees have new Coachella-esque ways of legally getting high around the festival -- even though it's still technically prohibited on the festival grounds. Most notably, there's the weed "Oasis" compound created by WeedMaps and Talent Resources where VIP Coachella guests can hang out six miles from the festival. It features two grow houses, a greenhouse, and five geodesic domes to test out different local strains. "Budologists" are also in attendance to give recommendations.

TMZ reports that Kendall Jenner showed up to the Oasis on Saturday night with A$AP Rocky, but didn't end up smoking any weed herself.

And of course, what would Coachella be without flower crowns? How about flower crowns made of real marijuana flowers? Lowell Farms, who created these special, smokeable crowns as a bonus for medical marijuana customers who preordered their special Coachella Blend, got in a little legal trouble with Coachella parent company AEG, who sent the grower a cease and desist order, according to SF Gate. Lowell Farms' special blend now goes by the name #NotChilla.

There's also a Palm Springs dispensary where you can pick up any of five strains called "Festival Flowers," which were designed to help make the most of your festival experience. A company called is responsible for the strains, and has been giving away Coachella themed fanny packs as prizes to the first customers to purchase them.

Lastly, Kushella Life was scheduled to take place on three weekends just three miles from Coachella grounds, with cannabis vendors, live music, and food between 10am-3am. While it wasn't associated with Coachella, it offered free shuttles to and from the festival. Despite claims to be "An “Amsterdam in the Desert” where concert goers can learn about, purchase and enjoy marijuana - Legally!" and "Fully approved and sponsored by City of Coachella," Kushella Life was cancelled after it's first weekend due to low attendance, according to Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez (via The Desert Sun).

Coachella continues Friday, April  21, kicking off weekend 2. Take a look at the set times, and relieve weekend 1 with our photo galleries from day 1/Friday, day 2/Saturday, and day 3/Sunday. Lots of bands brought out special guests last weekend, like The Lemon Twigs, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Hans ZimmerRadiohead's set was plagued by technical problems, but let's hope they sort it all our for round 2. (This kid thinks you shouldn't miss any special appearances by Migos and Drake.) Finally, if you're headed to Coachella this weekend, keep a close eye on your phone -- a NY man was arrested last weekend with a backpack of over 100 stolen cellphones.

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