by Andrew Sacher


Vancouver's Weed make the kind of sludgy, melodic rock that bands like California X have also been helping to revive lately, and if you liked Cali X's album, or you know, Dinosaur Jr., this band is for you. They've got a few EPs/singles under their belt, including 2012's Gun Control, and their debut album, Deserve, will be out this July via Couple Skate Records. The album's first single, "Set Me Back," is less lo-fi than the band's past releases and even more hooky. Check it out below.

Weed are currently on a tour with Cascadia which comes to NYC this month for a show at Death by Audio on May 29 with Call of the Wild (who also play with Eat Skull soon) and Giant Peach. Admission for that show is $7 at the door.

All dates are listed, along with the song stream, below...


Weed - "Set Me Back"

Weed -- 2013 Tour Dates
MAY 21 - CHICAGO IL - Big Forever w/ The Funs
MAY 23 - KALAMAZOO MI - Black Lodge
MAY 29 - NYC - Death By Audio
MAY 30 - BALTIMORE MD - Sidebar
MAY 31 - WASHINGTON DC - Comet Ping Pong
JUNE 1 - PHILADELPHIA PA - Little Berlin
JUNE 2 - BETHLEHEM PA - The Secret Art Space
JUNE 5 - COLUMBUS OH - TBA w/ Nude Art
JUNE 7 - ST LOUIS MO - Lemp Community Arts w/ Little Big Bangs
JUNE 8 - MILWAUKEE WI - Cocoon Room
JUNE 9 - MADISON WI - Project Lodge
JUNE 11 - MINNEAPOLIS MN - House Show w/ Al Scorch, B. Arthur
JUNE 12 - FARGO ND - Slanty Battle Fuck Cauldron on the Prairie
JUNE 13 - MINOT ND - Duff Mountain
JUNE 15 - SEATTLE WA - Cairo

all dates w/ Cascadia