Brooklyn duo Weeknight will be back with a new album, titled Dead Beat Creep, on February 1. It's their first album since their 2014 debut, Post Everything, and Andy Simmons and Holly MacGibbon (who also own Brooklyn bar Birdy's) made the LP with new bandmates Russell Hymowitz (bass) and Jasper Berg (drums). "We decided to give ourselves some limitations: We would only use analog gear and we would only write parts that we would be able to play live," said Andy. First single "Holes in My Head" is a cinematic piece of synthpop noir that, lyrically, is about Holly's father who died in 2017 after a long struggle with Alzheimer's. "It was written from his perspective, and says what I imagined he would have wanted to say to me if he was able to," says Holly. The song premieres in this post and you can listen below.

Weeknight's only upcoming show is at Woodstock, NY's Colony on November 30 where they're opening for Amanda Palmer.. Stay tuned for more dates. You can check out Dead Beat Creep's artwork and tracklist, below.


01. Settle Down
02. Outside the Pale
03. Holes in My Head
04. A Little Noise
05. Done with Me
06. Golden Young
07. Long Been Dead
08. Falling in Line
09. Can’t Control
10. Imaginary Light

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