With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to stay at home as often as possible, we’ve been asking musicians what music they’re listening to in isolation, and this playlist comes from Wes Eisold (of Cold Cave, American Nightmare and other projects). Among many other songs, Wes’ playlist includes both Psychic TV and Cold Cave’s Genesis Breyer P-Orridge collaboration (Wes was one of the many musicians who paid tribute to Genesis after s/he passed away earlier this month), and Wes also writes more about Genesis, living in isolation, and the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on his own bands’ tours:

Here is what’s in rotation at our house and speaking to and for me. That’s music’s role.

Please don’t feel as if you are alone on a sinking ship. You are not. Not Today. Not Tomorrow.

If you are here – You already know things fall apart. Life is uncertain. For me it is. So many cancelled shows. The few friends I have, too. We were about to announce a Cold Cave tour for June as the last 3 shows of American Nightmare tour fell apart. And then we lost a person that we actually loved. Deeply.

Genesis. As a fan, as a friend, as a living energy, like family. So deeply important to the fabric of what we do. In music. In life. I stay up late or wake early. Fondly remembering our time together. Thankful. The way I am for you. This is not a poem. But a Hello to remind you…That if you are here – You already know things fall apart. But prevailing in the chaos is what we do. Viva Love.

In addition to the Genesis songs, Wes’ playlist includes Nick Drake, Lou Reed, Nico, Suicide, Dead Can Dance, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mark Lanegan, T. Rex, Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans, Current 93, the PJ Harvey / Thom Yorke collab “This Mess We’re In,” and more.

Wes has kept busy with other projects recently too. Cold Cave just released a cover of Absolute Body Control‘s “Waving Hands,” and Wes announced his new poetry book with Mark Lanegan, titled Plague Poems, out in June. Check out Wes’ playlist, along with Cold Cave’s version of “Waving Hands” below.

Wes’ American Nightmare bandmate Alex Garcia-Rivera made us a playlist too.