Former Let's Wrestle frontman Wesley Gonzalez will release his full-length solo debut, Excellent Musician, on June 30 via Moshi Moshi. It includes last year's single "I Spoke to Euan" and his band features Euan Hinshelwood of Younghusband. Like that song, the record is more in a '70s singer/songwriter vein than the shambolic indie rock Let's Wrestle made, but his unique, funny and thoughtful lyrical style remains. We've got the premiere of "Piece of Mind" which he told us about:

I guess this song is about trying to not be bitter about stuff, especially music. It’s very easy to become embittered making music and hanging out with a lot of other musicians, thinking that you produce better work than someone you may know, who is perhaps doing better than yourself. It’s positive in the fact that I guess it’s me turning a corner in my thinking on music. It’s not fully enlightened as I still can get jealous, so I tried to be honest in the lyrics and not be fully positive - as that would be untrue!

Musically, it's a piano-driven arrangement with bright brass on the very hooky chorus. Listen to the song, and check out the album art and tracklist, below.

Wesley's only upcoming date at the moment is a record release show at London's The Finsbury on June 30.



Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.01.36 AM

Wesley Gonzalez - Excellent Musician tracklist
1. An Adult
2. I Am A Telescope
3. Just The Same
4. Still Working On It
5. Piece Of Mind
6. I Spoke To Euan
7. Exhibition Song
8. Cake On Your Birthday
9. Snake In The Grass
10. In Amsterdam
11. Don’t Try & Take Me Down
12. Not That Kind Of Guy
13. Quarantined River

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