West Village club Sway closed back at the end of 2015 and a year later owner Paul Sevigny reopened in the same space as Paul's Casablanca. He's kept the club's Moroccan flair and the chi chi vibe. From the New Yorker:

Sevigny has gone for a purer form of fun: an enfilade of domed caverns where dancers sway to rock and disco hits flanked by tiled nooks from which clusters of beautiful folk watch the whorling crowd. The effect? A little like an after-party to Malcolm Forbes’s seventieth-birthday party in Tangier, which oddly obsessed glossy-magazine writers for a period in 1989. Mixed drinks, which are almost impossible to order at a long bar near the entrance but easily acquired at an arabesque nook in the back, are in the twenty-dollar range—not that the price seems to bother any of the ebullient patrons, who are presumably too drunk or too well heeled to care.

Also back is Sway's popular Smiths night party, here rechristened Morrissey Nite, perhaps due to a dispute over who can claim rights to the name. From NY Post back in December:

The party — including founding DJ Benjamin Cho — moved on, finding a new home at the Lower East Side’s Rumpus Room.

But now Sevigny has reopened the original venue — renamed Paul’s Casablanca — which boasts its own “Smiths Night” on Sundays.

Now the Rumpus Room is claiming that its night is the real McCoy because they have the original DJ and some of the original staff, and Sevigny says his is the genuine article because it’s back in its rightful home.

“We’re not expecting to dictate what they do,” said Gabriel Levy, Rumpus Room co-owner. “We just want the record to show that ours is the original ‘Smiths Night.’”

Everyday is like Sunday for some, but Morrissey Nite is only Sundays at Paul's Casablanca.

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