Westside Gunn already released two great albums this year, and he just announced a third. It's called Who Made The Sunshine, and it comes out August 28 via Shady Records, marking his first solo album for the label. (His previous solo albums came out on his own Griselda Records. Last year, Griselda made their Shady Records debut with the crew album WWCD.)

August 28 also happens to be Westside Gunn Day in Westside Gunn's home city of Buffalo, as declared last year by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown:

The artwork for the new album was created by Gunn's daughter WS POOTIE. Gunn says, "I live my life based on ART, everything is ART, sometimes you might understand it sometimes you might not, sometimes you might not get the masterpiece until later on, but I knew it was a masterpiece the moment I made it." He also writes:

Everything I’ve done thus far has led up to this moment, when I said FLYGOD was a classic ppl didn’t see it at that moment, then I dropped Supreme Blientele and made ppl to start believing, then I dropped PRAY FOR PARIS and I knew I had my formula together and I was ready for my first major release album and now it’s officially here “WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE” every project has been painted diff and with purpose, I know soon I’ll be done rapping but I have to give u WSG on a diff level this project I swear is my best work to date and I know it’s great bc it took me a week to make and not 2 days lol... but this is what HIP HOP is ALL about I feel young on this Album and I can’t wait until I give u this offering, I promise u You never heard ANYTHING like this on @shadyrecords this is ALL BUFFALO BEAUTIFUL ART PIECE by WS POOTIE thank u so much Baby Daddy Loves YOU “ WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE” 8/28 on WESTSIDEGUNN DAY #CLASSIC #MASTERPIECE #CULTURE #ART #FLYGOD #GXFR #ICON this cant be compared to anything I’ve done beforE it’s IF “FLYGOD” and “SUPREME BLIENTELE” has a baby @shadyrecords @griseldarecords @interscope

Gunn's Griselda partner Benny the Butcher also has a new Black Soprano Family album dropping this Friday (7/31):

No music has been released from the new album yet, but in the meantime you can watch the recently-released video for "Allah Sent Me" (ft. Benny and Conway) from Gunn's April 2020 album Pray For Paris below.

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