Wet Hot Showalter @ Mirman Fest 2010 (more by David Andrako)

If you're like me (you wish), you were looking forward to going to the Wet Hot American Summer 10 Year Anniversary Show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday July 26th. Then you were looking forward to making your way to the Williamsburg Waterfront just a few days later (July 29th) to catch the FREE Eugene Mirman & Pretty Good Friends show featuring Todd Barry, Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal, They Might Be Giants and more. Please be advised though that 50% of those plans have changed as the Wet Hot 10th Anniversary Show has been rescheduled to Tuesday August 2nd. This sucker has been sold out forever, but rest assured that your July 26th tickets will indeed be honored.

There has has been a shit ton of Kickstarter talk going on around here lately and I'd like to throw another cause your way. This year, The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival has started up a Kickstarter campaign. I actually think the main tenents behind this Kickstarter campaign make a lot of sense, as it's aim is to benefit the people putting the show together, the talent that will be performing, and the people who will be spending money on tickets to the shows.

"In the past, our festival has been funded by our ticket sales, a small gift from Sub Pop Records, and a few ads in our program. We'd originally started the festival as a joke, but enjoyed putting it on and wanted to keep it going. Each year the costs (pig roast, a limo to take audience to the subway after shows, cotton candy machine, giant banners for made-up sponsors, etc.) and time put in have grown and we toy with the idea of corporate sponsors to cover them, but mostly shy away from it. This year, we thought we'd try to raise money with Kickstarter so we can pay employees, keep ticket prices affordable, and still do ridiculous and fun things. Here's a list of the things we will do with any money we raise:

  • Pay a living wage to the people who work really hard to make this event possible.
  • Build an ice cream limo or buy an ice cream truck
  • Pay comedians enough money to afford one very nice meal and maybe even buy a pair of shoes.
  • Fly out and put up some performers so that we can have more events/ panels/ shows/ comedy/ music
  • Set up a petting zoo outside of our venue
  • Awkward Party Bus
  • Have musical guests on some of our shows
  • Have fun after-parties
  • Pay recent college grads to have sex in a pit (probably not, but we'll see how much money we raise)
  • Delicious free food!
  • More surprises!

So when you're at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Friday July 29th watching Eugene Mirman and his Pretty Good Friends bring laughter and joy to you and your pals, don't hesitate to whip out that 'smart' phone and, after you take a pic of your dopey friend with the big sunglasses, get on the internet and donate to this wonderful campaign before you lose said smart phone in the cab on your way home. Or just use your computer to donate whenever. EVERYONE wins with this one!

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