UK duo Wet Leg have only released two singles so far, but both "Chaise Longue" and "Wet Dream" are cheeky, ultra-catchy and come with terrific videos directed by singer/guitarist Rhian Teasdale. If you've missed those singles and videos thus far you can watch both below.

While we wait for new songs, we asked Rhian to tell us about what is inspiring her and Hester Chambers. She gave us a Top 10 list that includes music (Adrianne Lenker, Idris Muhammad, The Beastie Boys, The Chats), festivals, recording software, podcasts, and more. Check out her list, complete with commentary, below.

Wet Leg will be visiting the U.S. in December for sold-out shows in Brooklyn and L.A. (you can still get tickets for their San Francisco show at Rickshaw Stop on 12/15).

You can also preorder the 7" of "Chaise Longue" in the BV shop.


1 Adrianne Lenker/ Big Thief
Adrianne Lenker/ Big thief are really big inspirations to me. From Masterpiece to the Two Hands their music worms into my little heart and makes me feel all sad and happy at the same time. The guitar sounds they use are so good it hurts.

2 Soft Hair - Soft Hair
It’s a very beautiful album with synth scapes that make me feel like I’m in a far away place, plus cheeky lyrics and visuals. Hope we get to play a Halloween gig one day so we can go as LA Priest and Connan from the most perfect cover shot.

3 F.J. McMahon - Spirit of the Golden Juice
I don’t know why but I got completely hooked on this album when I first heard it, like on repeat, partly because it’s all he recorded, also it just makes me feel sound and safe. Fun with headphone too because there’s that heavy panning that happened a bunch in the late 60’s.

4 Idris Muhammad - Turn This Mutha Out
This album is so delicious, disco goodness, if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I can put this on and dance my way into the light.

5) This 1994 clip of the Beastie Boys on David Letterman
I think this clip is a really good example of that pure kinda energy that just radiates from a bunch of people playing music together and I think that’s an inspiring thing.

6) Lord of the Rings
We’re from the Isle of Wight, which is a little Island in the south of England. The only way to get there is by ferry. No bridges or tunnels so when I watch Lord of the Rings, I really relate to that small town vibe of the shire. When we go out touring we like to pretend that we’re adventurous little Frodo baggins types.

7) The Chats
They don’t take themselves too seriously, they’re super fun. Their song "Smoko" is a banger and the music video to go with it is excellent. Super Lo Fi and all the better for it. So many music videos have so much money pumped into to them but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be good or connect with anyone or whatever. This is a good example of how you shouldn’t let money restrict your creativity. You don’t need to have tons of gear to put your message across.

8) Dream Wife's So when you gonna… podcast
“The aim of the series is to encourage the band’s listeners to start something new, to pursue their creative interests and also provide advice on navigating the arts and creative industries.” I love this band and I love this podcast they made. I first came across it during the first few weeks of lockdown. I’d basically given up trying to make music at this point cos I found it quite lonely and tiring and I’d just had enough really. I’d moved on from music and managed to land a job that finally I really loved but then because of the pandemic, that work came to a halt. I found myself with time on my hands to start writing again and listening to this podcast was a big inspiration and helped keep me motivated amidst the weirdness of the pandemic.

9) Going to Festivals!
We’ve managed to be at a few festivals over the summer in the UK and after a long old pandemic it’s great to back in the fields stumbling across new bands and artists. I think it’s my favourite way to discover new music. Favourites discoveries from this years festival season include Honey Glaze, Blood Wizard, Holiday Ghosts and CMAT.

10) Garage band
I know that garage band has this kinda bad rep and is not very cool but it’s such a useful and easy to use tool to use as a songwriter. I just treat it as an inexpensive and easy to use multi track recorder. It helps me write with a full band in mind. It’s so good for making little demos with. Again it’s good for not getting too bogged down with having the right gear. I don’t even have a microphone, I just use the inbuilt mic in my old 2015 MacBook. Yeah my demos are pretty scuzzy but it lets me get my ideas across.

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