Long-running New Jersey independent radio station WFMU has just erected its first-ever billboard, which you can see one the west side of a stretch of Route 280 in Newark, N.J. It's got pictures of Rihanna, Justin Bieber and...Charles Manson, and simply reads "Rihanna. Bieber. Manson. WFMU 91.1" In a promo video, station manager Ken Freedman says, excitedly, "This confusing and tasteless billboard was made possible by the pledges and support of Kickstarter pledgers like you! You are responsible for this monstrosity!"

The billboard was actually just one of a few that WFMU focus-grouped and then were voted upon by Kickstarter supporters. Alternate ones included "We're Talking About Your Dead Mother on WFMU," "WFMU: As Unpopular as You Are," "Now more than ever" (with a picture of Richard Nixon), and "Four Out of Five Doctors Recommend WFMU. The fifth doctor is an asshole." You can watch a Kickstarter video that has some footage of the baffled focus groups hearing these potential slogans below.

Further in that first video, Freedman says "If you are offended, confused or perplexed by this billboard, we apologize and want to let you know that there's still time to correct this egregious error. Our Kickstarter is alive for another few weeks, and with more support we can add a second billboard design." Watch that video below.

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