Happy Halloween! My Chemical Romance have been broken up since 2013, but they just officially announced a reunion. They're playing LA on December 20 at Shine Expo Hall. Tickets go on sale Friday (11/2) at noon Pacific. It's their only date announced so far, but stay tuned for the inevitable announcements of more. Show poster below.

Reunion rumors had been circulating for a while, and earlier today MCR launched an Instagram page for the first time ever, and teased the announcement with five vague IG stories. They also updated their Facebook and Twitter profile photos to a picture of a candle that you can see below,.

In the time since their initial breakup, members have been busy with other projects. Both Gerard Way and Frank Iero have been leading notable solo careers, and Gerard has been busy with The Umbrella Academy. In 2016, MCR put out a 10th anniversary reissue of The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts, featuring demos and alternate mixes and takes.