Floyd Bennett

Yesterday Brooklyn365 and Gothamist reported that JellyNYC of Pool Party fame was throwing shows at a place called "Rock Beach" at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn this summer (pictured above). They got their info from an HTML'd Powerpoint-like document on Jelly's website that wasn't meant to be seen by the public (and has since been taken down), but did give the impression at first glance that it was some sort of announcement.

At second glance though it looked more like a proposal document that was meant only for potential sponsors. There were prices and levels of sponsorship. On the "dates and artists" page, it listed artists like The Strokes, Odd Future, Fleet Foxes, Gayngs, Dan Deacon, JEFF the Brotherhood and many other bands whose agents quickly told me they never heard of Rock Beach and that their bands were definitely not playing those shows. The list of bands was probably meant to represent what Jelly wants to pull off, and what a sponsor might get out of participating, but not what is actually happening. Jelly themselves told me the articles were "not true" and then "incorrect and misleading." I asked if there were any shows at all being planned at Rock Beach since the document itself was clearly on their website and an actual proposal of some sort. I haven't heard back.

If there's anything we can get out of all that, it's that Jelly still does exist, and that they are planning or trying to plan something.

And now Jelly just tweeted that "TONIGHT<>10PM<>BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS" at this event (further proof there's still a Jelly):


10PM is just five hours from now, so we'll wait and see, though we at least know the announcement will not have anything to do with the Williamsburg Waterfront or any other pieces of land that OSA is involved with. Hopefully the announcement involves more free shows, and maybe even Rock Beach.

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