Super Furry Animals, Music Hall, Brooklyn - Jan 25, 2008 (Tom Vu)
Super Furry Animals

Kria Brekken & Avey Tare @ Glasslands, Brooklyn - Jan 20, 2008 (Toshiko Ouchi)
Avey Tare and Kria Brekken @ Glasslands

Idiotarod, NYC - Jan 26, 2008 (Tod Seelie)

That Spinner podcast MP3 up there is ANOTHER Adam Green and Kimya Dawson reunion. The other one was on The View. A video of the performance is below. Jesca Hoop's new video for "Money" is below too. What else?

The Moldy Peaches reunite on Spinner

Jesca Hoop - "Money"

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