Goldfrapp @ Coachella 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

Spinner is also streaming the new live Les Savy Fav album that was taped at Bowery Ballroom on New Years Eve. Les Savy Fav just played Coachella and tickets are on sale for their next NYC show.

A Cocorosie show from Amsterdam will be webcast at 4:30pm.

Two video below. The first is a new song 120 Days played last night at Mercury Lounge with a member of Serena Maneesh. The second is the new Van She single.

What else?

120 Days @ Mercury Lounge (w/ Serena Maneesh)

Van She - "Strangers" (new single, video)

Video for the new single from the Album V. Directed by Lorin Askill from Collider

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