To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie @ Brainwaves 2008 (Anti-Gravity Bunny)
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie

! "FASHION WRESTLING is an open-mat forum for experimental interactive fashion. It provides a low-cost venue for emerging or established designers as well as a non-traditional stage for avant-garde and interactive fashion experimentation. Fashion-wrestlers are judged as much on style as moves, the final decision lying with the camera: who takes the best picture? Humor is a plus. Fashion Wrestling lends itself to louder than mainstream values: action-fashion photography, pop-rock-punk-costumey-cartoony designs, and larger than life models. DJ Shunda K from Yo! Majesty runs the decks"

Tim Armstrong of Rancid was born today in 1967.

You might not know who Fastball are, but you know The Way. The band who were famous in the 90's play Bowery Ballroom in NYC, tonight.

Video of Fucked Up playing with Ezra from Vampire Weekend HERE. Video inside Ezra's Brooklyn apartment below... Video of Fucked Up performing Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown", also below...

What else?

Fucked Up - Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag) from 12 Hour Show


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