You may recall that earlier this week Wheatus bassist Matthew Milligan attempted a livestream play-through of the entire Weezer discography on bass. Unfortunately, his YouTube livestream got shut down, then he moved to Facebook and had problems there as well and decided to put the project on hold till he could figure out the copyright issues. Well, Matthew is going to try it again on skinny from Matthew:

Hi again! You might remember me from my failed attempt at playing the Weezer discography live a few days ago. I was halfway through Pinkerton and my venture had gotten a fair bit of attention, including from Weezer themselves who shared my link a couple times. Alas, in this day & age even when the artist you’re covering is actively supporting your venture… if the YouTube robots decide you’re done, you’re done.

SO… I will attempt this marathon livestream again on Sunday April 26th (TOMORROW), starting at 12pm EST. This time it will be on Twitch, which I’ve been advised is much better equipped to handle this sort of thing. I hope you can join me. I’m going to record while streaming this time… so if I lose the stream again for any reason, I’m gonna just keep going, complete this personal challenge, and then figure out how to share it with you all later.

I’ve done some serious testing / research and I don’t think it will come to that… but for my own sanity, I absolutely need to finish what I’ve started here. So let’s finish it tomorrow. See you on twitch!

Good luck, Matthew! Watch his Weezer discography playthough below on Sunday (4/26) beginning at noon EDT.

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