Move over #QuaranTeenageDirtbag challenge, longtime Wheatus bassist Matthew Milligan (who's also played with Soul Coughing's Mike Doughty and others over the years) is doing a livestream starting today (4/22) at noon Eastern where he'll attempt a live play-through of the entire Weezer discography on bass. He says, "I'll be playing along to each album in chronological order, taking short breaks between records. I'll be starting at 12pm EST & it should take me about 10 hours in total if all goes well." That's like 150 songs, and you can tune in to this heroic feat right here:

UPDATE: The YouTube stream got shut down, but he's relocated to Facebook Live.

UPDATE 2: After two separate attempts to keep it going on Facebook Live (archived videos below), he put it on hold for the day while he figures out how to do this without getting copyright claims...


As you may know, "Teenage Dirtbag" has often been mis-credited to Weezer (thanks, Limewire!), and Weezer responded by covering the song:

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