Here it is, the quarantine challenge you didn't know how badly you needed. Wheatus, the band who wrote "Teenage Dirtbag," have initiated the #Quaranteenagedirtbag challenge where you make a video of yourself playing/singing along to "Teenage Dirtbag" and Wheatus will mash up all the videos into one mass quarantine singalong. Here's more:


People have been sending us lots of #quaranteenagedirtbag Wheatus covers, so we thought we'd open it up to everyone and join together in a fun project.

SO. Here's what you have to do:

Record a video of yourself playing/singing along to Teenage Dirtbag.

Here are the rules:

- You have to play along to our actual song, so that everyone keeps to the same key and timing

- Try and only get the audio of you in the video, not our song. We're interested in hearing YOU, not us! (You can achieve this by having our recording playing in headphones so the video doesn't pick it up)

- You can play any instrument for this!

- Harmonies are welcome!

- You do NOT have to sing and play at the same time! And in fact, it'll be easier for us to mix it if you don't sing and play at the same time. If you do want to submit vocals and instrument, just record two separate videos and send them both.

- You don't have to play the parts exactly as they are on the original. Especially if you play an instrument that isn't in a traditional rock band. Got a hankering for a tasty bass lick? Go for it? You play a trumpet and you wanna bust a trumpet solo? Do it! Not much of a singer but you're a star beatboxer? Go on then!

- When your video is done, email it to us at

We'll keep submissions open for a few days or until we get enough! Then we'll compile them all into one big glorious mashup compilation choir band soup. Or something like that.

Ask here if you have any questions!

What would we do without Wheatus to bring us all together during these dark times? Get to singing...

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