by Andrew Sacher


Baltimore hardcore band Whenskiesaregray have a few EPs out, and they're now set to release their self-titled debut LP on March 31 via Mayfly Records. The album was produced by Mike York, guitarist of fellow Baltimore band Pianos Become the Teeth, and if you like early Pianos, you'll most likely dig this band too. We've got the premiere of the album's new single, "We Passed Each Other Quietly," which you can listen to below.


1. Her Face in Glass
2. We Passed Each Other Quietly
3. Wayfarer
4. Bloodletting
5. The Widows Walk
6. The Things I Once Cherished, Now Indifferent
7. Subdue and Consume
8. The Tundra of My Heart, My Tired Frozen Heart
9. It's Certain that I'm Dying
10. Renoir, 1920

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