White Hinterland

As mentioned earlier--we experienced a big setback earlier this week. While in New York over the weekend, our drummer's van was broken into, and here is an official list of what was stolen:

18 inch gretsch bass drum, brown
12 and 16 inch floor toms, greenish-blue
casio sk-1
casio with drum pad, can't remember model name
fender deluxe reverb re-issue black top amplifier
dw-5000 bass drum pedal
3 dw flat bottom cymbal stands
1 pearl high hat stand
digitech multi-play pds 20/20
Doctor Beat metronomoe
grover tambourine, german silver, in a steve-weisz tambourine bag
alan able triangle
tehcniques DJ mixer
bayer microphone
Timberland workboots, black, men's size 7/12
bally-works bag, medium-sized
assorted quarter-inches, mic chords, monster cables
air mattress
1930s slash cymbal, un-named make
avocado shaker, made by reimo
pearl drum stool
yamaha snare drum stand
pear snare drum stand

In addition to all of this, the window on Matt's van was smashed, and he has to repair that. We're still unsure of the insurance situation, but of the stolen gear was uninsured and unfortunately, we're looking at a huge financial setback here.

Ask anyone in a band and they'll tell you, we depend often on the generosity of strangers. When we get into town late at night, it's often your house we stay at. When we need a place to to do laundry, it's often your cellar that we turn into a laundromat. Where do we eat? Who can we meet? Who will buy our records, come to our shows, and keep gas in the tank? None of these things would ever happen without your help and support--and we continue to be very humbled by this exchange. We can't wait to come to your towns and meet all of you, but to borrow a famous cliche, "no man is an island."

Some of you have asked what you can do to help us, so we've set up a donation fund where you can help us relieve the costs of getting everything back. We're hoping to be able to pull things together for the start of tour next week, and any help you can give would be much appreciated.


P.S. there is some good news--we were recently featured on NPR's Bryant Park, where we did a brief interview and played a few songs off of the record. Listen to it here.


Hello friends,

Last evening, our drummer's van was broken into while staying in Manhattan. Among the thieves' loot are a casio sk-1, his entire drum set except for cymbals & snare, hardware, our bass amp, his air mattress (cheap!) etc. I will post an official list of what's missing--if any of you see any of these things on craigslist or the like in the next few days, please let us know.

As many of you know, this is an unfortunately common story amongst bands on the road. It sucks, and really puts a damper on a job that's often already financially challenging without criminal events. If you see anything, please e-mail meyerdrums@hotmail.com or info@whitehinterland.com --no questions asked, we're just looking to see those items returned.


White Hinterland is scheduled to tour with Taken By Trees.

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