Vancouver punks White Lung released their fifth and final album, Premonition, in late 2022. It was their first album in about six years. Now, White Lung guitarist Kenny William has shared some of his favorite albums of 2022, including picks by The Weeknd, Alex G, Charli XCX, Viagra Boys and more. Read on for his list, in no particular order...

Kenny William's Favorite Albums of 2022

Legowelt - Tips For Life

The Mozart of house music, the drum machines sound so good on the whole thing.

The Weeknd - Dawn FM

I think it's his best record, also love the Jim Carrey narration and Daniel Lopatin production.

Beach House - Once Twice Melody

Band that everyone copies makes a record that doesn't sound like anything else, surprised and happy about the amount of vocoder on this.

Brothertiger - Fundamentals Vol. 4

Beautiful mix of spa music / video game loading screens.

Charli XCX - Crash

She's made so many great songs this is my favorite release she's done so far.

Alex G - God Save The Animals

This album just sounds so good, lots of really cool choices with the arrangements.

Blood Orange - Four Songs

Wasn't expecting the scaled back gloomy vibes + chorus pedal on 10 but it is really great.

Morabeza Tobacco - Shadow of the Cherry

Very pretty and cool songs that sound lost in time from somewhere in Sweden.

DJ Seinfeld - Mirrors (Remixed)

99% of all remix albums are horrible but this one actually sounds like people reworked the songs into something new instead of like teenagers button-mashing Fruity Loops. Especially liked the THEMBA one.

Viagra Boys - Cave World

Finally someone has made something that sounds FUN.

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