Whitmer Thomas is a comedian and musician who got his first HBO special, The Golden One, earlier this year which mixed storytelling, songs and documentary elements for a unique look at his life. The special was taped at the Flora-Bama Lounge on the border of Florida and Alabama where his late mother and her twin sister used to play with their band, and in it Whitmer "reflects on his Alabama childhood and his identity as an 'aging emo kid' in LA through stories and songs on topics like dating, drinking, family and his mom’s legacy."

Studio versions of the songs from the HBO special were also released as an album, Songs From the Golden One, via Hardly Art. Whitmer's just released a video for "Dancing With My Dad," which Whitmer describes as "a holiday song about a movie star saving his dad from feeling lonely at a party. It was inspired by my relationship with my dad and his journey to recovery and redemption. When my parents split I didn't see my dad for a few years. In those years, I'd latch onto whatever semblance of a dad I could in movies and TV." As for the video, Whitmer says he wasn't able to film a proper one due to the pandemic, "so instead, I edited together my ideal day of channel surfing in 1999 when the only consistency in my life was the TV Guide channel.” You can watch that below.

We've been asking artists for their Top 10s of 2020, and Whitmer was nice enough to send us his which is mostly music (Shamir, Bright Eyes, Waxahatchee, more) but also some TV and comedy, too.

Check out Whitmer's "Favorite Things of 2020" list, including his commentary, below.

Whitmer Thomas - My Favorite Things of 2020

Bright Eyes - Down in The Weeds Where the World Once Was
I love these guys. Without their music, I wouldn't have a personality. They can do no wrong.

Christian Lee Hutson - Beginners
Christian is an incredible songwriter. This album is inspiring. Makes me want to learn how to play more than six chords on the guitar.

Bumper - Pop Songs 2020
Michelle Zauner is having fun with her pal Ryan Galloway and you can hear it all over this EP.

Shamir - Shamir
Shamir's music feels nostalgic and comforting. It reminds me of going to shows in Pensacola Florida as a kid. It's got that punk twang that I grew up with and don't hear in music too much anymore.

Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud
Best album of the year. Katie is from Alabama too. Makes me proud as hell. This is some timeless crap.

Fat Tony - Exotica
Fat Tony is another guy who inspires the hell out of me. Each song on this record is a story. The music video for Gambling Man is great. I can't wait to see him do it live when this pandemic crap is over.

Alexis Sablone's Cons "Seize The Seconds" skate part
Alexis is killing it. Her style is sick. I watch her part every time I want to get hyped to do 3 kickflips and then sit on the curb and film my friends do cooler stuff.

Phoebe Bridgers on Seth Myers
Phoebe's Late-Night appearances during the pandemic have all been really fun. This one was something special.

Stath Lets Flats on HBO Max
This show is hilarious. I've watched it twice. People like Jamie Demetriou and Time Robinson from I Think You Should Leave and Mitra, Sandy, and Alyssa from Three Busy Debras make me feel hopeful that stupid silly committed comedy is going to make a comeback.

Mitra Jouhari and Sandy Honig's Sunrise Movement Promo video

Promo videos always suck to make but this one will stand the test of time as one of the funniest vids for a good cause.


Whitmer Thomas Songs from The Golden One

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