"Last we spoke to JellyNYC's jack-of-all-trades Chris Goldstein, he had high hopes for the agency's second go of Rock Beach, a free series of concerts at the Aviator Sports Complex adjacent to the Rockaways. At the first date on July 9, Goldstein said "around 500 or so people" showed up, which may have been considerably less than their Pool Parties, but around what they were seeing at their Rock Yard events in Williamsburg. But according to the Brooklyn Paper, Rock Beach's second effort on July 24 was a "beach-blanket bomb" after "little more than 150 people showed up.""

Gothamist asked Chris for his reaction to the Brooklyn Paper. Chris said:

"People keep blaming the turnouts on the bands. We stand behind our booking and feel we deserve some respect for our booking history. Give us the PS1 MOMA or the waterfront venue, we'll see how much the booking matters when hoards of euro-trash and weekend warriors fill up the space. One of the coolest things about New York is that you see bands before your friends do in Po-Dunk, Iowa. You can then send them some message online being like, "You have got to check out Death Grips." Fast forward 6 months from now and you get a call from your old drunk friend and they are like, "Death Grips" is the shit!" And your like, "No shit, I told you that six months ago. Have fun in loser-ville with the wife/kid combo.""

Our own suggestion to Jelly wouldn't necessarily be to book different bands, but to let people know who the bands are! A peak at Rock Beach's website right now lists NONE of the upcoming lineups or dates even, and it barely lists what or where Rock Beach even is. "Click here for more information" just enlarges the July 24th flyer (today is August 2nd).

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