UPDATE: This post's original headline was: "Why is there no show at Saint Vitus Saturday?", but that didn't last long... SLEEP HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!


We just think it's a little weird that no show is listed at Saint Vitus Saturday night, but we'll make sure to keep you posted in case we hear about one maybe getting added. UPDATE: It's Sleep! (Saint Vitus is really KILLEN it...)

Meanwhile, TONIGHT (6/24) at Vitus is very much filled with a very special show. In yet another example of a classic metal crew reuniting and playing NYC, '80s vets Killen are back in action, playing their first hometown show in over 25 years at the venue tonight. Support will be provided by Python. Killen will be joined on drums by Nicky Capozzi of the hair metal band White Lion. Tickets will be on sale at the door.

Sunday night at Vitus also has a show announced. Ghastly City Sleep (members of City Of Caterpillar, pg. 99, Majority Rule and Gregor Samsa), not to be confused with Sleep who played House of Vans last night, play the venue with A Film in Color, Phone Home and Othello (tickets).

Stream the classic Killen jam "The Marauder" below.