Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Adam McIlwee) has released a two-disc deluxe edition of his 2018 album Suffer On, disc two being an acoustic version of the entire album, recorded with just an iPhone and acoustic guitar. Similar to his 2017 acoustic Wicca Phase EP Raw and Declawed, this version of the album is closer to what Adam did in Tigers Jaw (and does in his newer band Pay For Pain) than to the emo-trap that Wicca Phase is usually known for. It's always cool to hear Adam doing organic, stripped-down stuff, and this total reinvention of Suffer On is no exception.

"The permanence of releasing music always made me uncomfortable," Adam says. "Releasing songs on an album and having those versions become definitive is fine, but it’s not ideal or advantageous for the writer. Being able to present an alternate version of an album is a gift--and a relief."

"I’ve been able to play Suffer On live for a little while, fully realize the songs, then come back two years later, and record them again," he adds. "Thinking of songs as malleable and living is exciting."

He also adds that "this project feels like more than just an acoustic re-recording. It can be the definitive Suffer On for people if they prefer it, or maybe they’ll prefer a version that’s just layered Juno’s and washed out vocals, or a full-band version. It’s really not for me to say."

Listen to the new album below. Adam will also be doing an acoustic livestream on Valentine's Day at 7 PM ET on Run For Cover's YouTube.

Adam's former bandmates in Tigers Jaw released a new song today too.


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