Adam McIlwee is having a busy year. He recently reunited with his fellow former Tigers Jaw bandmates Dennis Mishko and Pat Brier (both also of Three Man Cannon) in Pay For Pain, and now he's gearing up to release a new Wicca Phase Springs Eternal EP, This Moment I Miss, on July 31 via Run For Cover (pre-order). The whole EP was produced by Darcy Baylis (who also works with Camp Cope's Georgia Maq and King Woman's Kris Esfandiari) and Adam says, "I wanted to work with Darcy because he’s a complete songwriter. What I love most about This Moment I Miss is that we were able to mix classic-sounding Wicca Phase songs with some full-band songs, and that's not something I've done on a proper Wicca Phase release yet."

The EP features Wicca Phase's 2019 industrial-rap-tinged single "Hardcore," as well as the just-released "Pull It Forward," which is a little more relaxed but dark and brooding nonetheless. It's cool stuff and it comes with an appropriately eerie video that you can check out below.

1. Pull It Forward
2. Hardcore
3. Obsessed
4. I Want To Go Out Tonight
5. Pain Killer