Merchandise at WIERD, September 2012 (more by Phil Maler)

499 parties. Since 2002, WIERD has been rocking DJs and live performances at multiple venues around the city featuring names like Tamaryn, Xeno & Oaklander, Merchandise, Yellow Tears, Cult of Youth, Psychic TV, Zola Jesus, Automelodi, Blank Dogs, Blacklist, Soft Moon, Raspberry Bulbs and so many more. Check out a full list of performers and dates if you dare.

The fifth century mark will hit TONIGHT at Home Sweet Home (10/10) for the weekly WIERD party, and it'll have some special meaning to it:

This wed. Oct. 10th will officially be WIERD's 500th party. Performance artist Tobias Bernstrup from Stockholm, Sweden, who I released trax by on the Wierd Compilations Vol. 1 and Vol. II is performing as he was the first live performance we ever had at the party back in 2003.

As usual, the party jumps off at 10PM with live performances at midnight and DJs intermittenly all night (DJs Avana, Goutroy, and Frankie Teardrop round out tonight's lineup).

Congrats to WIERD for so many events, we'll look forward to many more. Show flyer and some video below.



Tobias Bernstrup : Neon Love

TOBIAS BERNSTRUP: Ventisette Live at Patrick Mille

Tobias Bernstrup: Shanghai CosPlay

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