New York rapper Wiki dropped Papiseed Street Vol. 1 today as a Bandcamp exclusive. The mixtape features six new songs with production by Juju Merk and Laron & Luca Beats. Big Ouee, Papo2oo4, and Niontay feature on the tape as well.

Papiseed Street Vol. 1 matches super-current trap beats with throwback instrumentation and dialogue samples. The mixtape marks Wiki's first release of 2023, following his late 2022 collaborative projects: excellent full-length Cold Cuts with Subjxct 5 and EP One More with MIKE and The Alchemist. Stream Papiseed Street Vol. 1 below.

Wiki, Papiseed Street Vol. 1

1. Willy Mays (prod. juju merk)
2. Casa Del Sucio (prod. juju merk)
3. Three Kings ft. Big Ouee, Papo2oo4 (prod. juju merk)
4. 30 Days (prod. juju merk)
5. Out My Mind ft. Niontay (prod. Laron & Luca Beats)
6. Cam (prod. Laron & Luca Beats)

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