NYC rapper Wiki had one of the very best albums of last year with No Mountains In Manhattan, and today he returned with a new single, "In The Park," which features Gloss Gang and was produced by Tony Seltzer. "We’re circumnavigating the press and all on this one. From us to you - direct. No bs. I miss my fans. I have so much new shit this is just the beginning <3," wiki said.

Part of what made NMIM hit so hard was that Wiki spent the album telling real-life stories of growing up in NYC, and this one is no different. "It all started in the park....Dead ass. Me and [Ratking bandmate Sporting Life] met in a park," he explained. And that's exactly where he hopes you'll blast this thing: "Whether you’re in NYC, London, LA, Paris where ever - when this drops I need you to get on your Radio Raheem wave and head to the nearest park with the system on 11." It's great stuff, and it's making us very excited to hear more new Wiki. Listen below.

Earlier this year, Wiki played a Red Bull Music Festival showcase in NYC with a lineup of artists "directly or spiritually" influenced by the late graffiti-writer, artist and MC RAMMΣLLZΣΣ. Wiki played in collaboration with one of his heroes, the legendary Coati Mundi, and the bill also included Tony Seltzer, Sporting Life, Show Me the Body, 700 Bliss (aka Moor Mother & DJ Haram), Mal Devisa, Edan, MIKE, and Standing on the Corner. Pictures are in the gallery below.


photo credit: Drew Gurian and Maria Jose Govea / Red Bull / Content Pool

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