Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy announced that he has a new book on the way. How To Write One Song: Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back, is set to be released October 13th via Dutton, and that's the cover art above.

The book takes readers on an intimate journey through the process of songwriting and becoming a "capital-S songwriter" (a practice that Tweedy knows very well), from lyric and music-writing to "putting it all together." Tweedy writes of the importance of the craft of songwriting itself, how it's vital to make creativity part of one's daily life, and how doing so can manifest feelings of hope, joy, and inspiration. His book seeks to simplify the process, making it accessible and opening up a lane of discovery for those attempting to understand the art form. He also hopes to help other songwriters understand the value of their work and take risks.

Tweedy also shares stories of his own personal artistic process throughout the book, while providing practical tips for his songwriting peers, including on "overcoming self-defeating dialogue, building a creative habit, language techniques to get out of a writing comfort zone, easy recording methods, and so much more."

"The feeling I get when I write — the sense that time is simultaneously expanding and disappearing — that I’m simultaneously more me and also free of me — is the main reason I wanted to put my thoughts on songwriting down in book form to share with everyone so inclined," Tweedy says.

How To Write One Song is the follow-up to Tweedy's 2018 memoir Let's Go (So We Can Get Back): A Memoir of Recording and Discording with Wilco, Etc., which took a look at his upbringing, musical career, work with Uncle Tupelo and Wilco and his personal struggles with addiction and depression.

In other Tweedy-related news, he's playing a drive-in concert in Illinois next month, and he and his sons Sammy and Spencer soundtracked a new HBO documentary, Showbiz Kids.

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