Wild Pink's new record, A Billion Little Lights, is out this Friday, February 19, via Royal Mountain Records. We've already heard a few singles, including "The Shining But Tropical," "You Can Have It Back," and "Oversharers Anonymous," and now the band has shared one more, "Pacific City." It has a certain twang to it, accompanied by vocalist John Ross' soft, laid-back delivery, and contains a palpably nostalgic air as it paints the story of a suburban life decorated with small details and a little insecurity.

About the single, John says, "'Pacific City' is named after the city in Oregon and I was watching Heat a lot while writing it. I wanted to write a few songs with a conventional song structure on this album and this was one of them - we spent a lot of time on the drum tones and used a Yamaha RX21 drum machine. The song is about time passing and realizing you’re not the same person you used to be."

Keith Pratt directed the accompanying video, which features atmospheric shots of the sort of countryside the song is about, including shots of a cat basking in the sunrise and birds in flight. You can listen and watch the music video below, along with videos for the record's other singles.

John also made us a list of albums and tracks that were inspirational during A Billion Little Lights' gestation period. Find that below, as well.


Waxahatchee - St. Cloud

This has gotta be one of my favorite albums in a long time. Super lean and deliberate songwriting and production. Pretty much non-stop hits front to back. This came out after I finished the album but it’s been on heavy rotation.

Mulatu Astake - Ethopiques, Vol. 4

I could listen to this album anytime, anywhere. It’s an instant mood booster.

Townes Van Zandt - If I Needed You

The HRV (high repeat value) is off the charts! Big inspiration on this album.

Sinead O’Connor and Shane MacGowan - "Haunted"

This song kills me and I love the video just as much. Sinead O’Connor does an eyebrow raise atone point that makes me howl. Dan and I both tried to throw in subtle eyebrow raises when we were shooting the video for "You Can Have It Back."

Trace Mountains - Lost In The Country

Same thing with Waxahatchee here re: it came out after I was done with the album. Just an excellent album that I’ve been listening to a ton since it came out. Also really good songwriting and production.

Atelje - "Transition"

This is THE song to walk around outside with headphones on. I’ve had some fantastic walks with this on repeat. If anyone has a great walk listening to A Billion Little Lights I’ll be thrilled.

Emmylou Harris - Bluebird

Most of my favorite classic/older artists made my favorite albums in the 80’s and early 90’s after they were already stars for a long time. Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and this Emmylou album for sure. The long outro in the last song is unreal.

Cocteau Twins - "Aikea-Guinea"

I love everything about this band and this song in particular is huge for me. "Fotzepolitic" is equally an obsession of mine and I can’t think of a band who has two songs that mean so much to me. Elizabeth Fraser is an angel.

Rod Stewart - "Rhythm of my Heart"

I first heard this in The Perfect Storm and then played it on repeat for several weeks. Holy shit what a huge chorus. They just don’t make 'em like this anymore.

The Waterboys - "The Whole Of The Moon"

If I absolutely had to choose a song with my favorite lyrics it’d be this song. This has to be the sweetest song anyone has written for someone else and somehow it works both platonically and romantically. The way it builds towards the end is so manic and jubilant it's overwhelming sometimes.

Rostam - "In a River (acoustic)"

This song is incredible. It’s got its own world and you really feel like you’re in it when you listen. Definitely something I’m after with my own songs.

Perfume Genius - "Describe"

Same thing here: It’s got its own world and I’m transported whenever I listen.

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