So Much Hope, Buried hail from the hardcore breeding ground that is Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and after forming during the pandemic and releasing two singles in 2020, they're now set to release their debut EP Sentiment on March 11 via self-release (pre-order). The EP includes a new version of one of those 2020 singles ("Desert Child"), as well as the recently released "Rose Eyes" and "Slave," the latter of which just came out today. Vocalist Bart James' speak-screaming style has understandably gained comparisons to La Dispute's Jordan Dreyer, but So Much Hope, Buried combine that style with heavier melodic hardcore and they're not afraid to break out into a soaring, clean-sung hook either. Here's what Bart says about the two new singles, via press release:

My intention behind writing ["Slave"] is to remind people that they were made for more than just “survival”. That your time is truly valuable and worth more than a wage. Don’t wait until retirement to live intentionally, for you are not promised tomorrow. Live today, be fully alive in the way that makes this all worth living for. For you are worth more than you could ever know.

"Rose Eyes" addresses mental health through a fictionalized story about depression and pain, watching a person strip away any semblance of who they were made to be. It highlights the desperation of knowing they would give anything to be free of the pain they experience on a daily basis, before learning to value themselves and not allowing their struggles to define their life.

Watch the new video for "Slave" (shot and edited by Sarah Novroski) and stream "Rose Eyes" below.

1. Heal
2. Don’t Sink
3. Desert Child
4. Slave
4. Rose Eyes
6. Neglect
7. Keepsake

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