Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney brought Superwolf out of hibernation earlier this year, and now they're back another new song, credited under their own collaborative names. Recorded at Nashville's Butcher Shoppe, "Make Worry for Me" is heavy with bluesy atmosphere, rich harmonies and thick Hammond organ (courtesy Mike Rojas). "When I come to your street," Oldham warns, "make worry for me. I got things in my pocket, I got tricks up my sleeve, your world will never be the same." Here's the press blurb courtesy Drag City:

An apparition you can’t explain is cutting through the viscous mist in your brain. The contents of your pockets are suddenly unfamiliar. That sound again -

This year of super wolf moon brought A Visitation and the message, “You’ll Get Eaten, Too.” Now, in the earthly chaos of total celestial blackout, one body containing two galaxies is once more among us...

This is no miscount – this is the bestial duo, the two headed dawg, the Superwolves: Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, talking directly to our face. They know no fear, only curiosity. “Make Worry For Me” is manifesto, and we can only hope to learn from it. To grow from it. For limbs to extend, beneath its blue, electric sky. To become Super, like the Superwolves.

The gauntlet is thrown. You’re dancing with the wolf again. Brooding and grooving upon their prey. Succumb to their ritual. Move your ass. Sing their song. Fight. Or die.

Watch the video for "Make Worry for Me," and check out the cover art by Harmony Korine, below.

Matt Sweeney also collaborated with Will and Bill Callahan earlier this year on a Hank Williams Jr cover.