Composer and Disintegration Loops creator William Basinski will doing a "career-spanning eight hour durational performance" at Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room 22 Boerum Theater on November 9. From 6 PM to 2 AM, Basinski will take "listeners through a marathon sequence of past, recent, and new work amongst a site-specific light installation from artists Brock Monroe and Seth Kirby." Tickets are on sale now.

The performance is also a tribute to ISSUE Project founder Suzanne Fiol, who died in 2009. "I'm so honored to be able to present the New York premiere of this long form concert at ISSUE Project Room, at the beautiful 22 Boerum Place Theater Suzanne Fiol championed into being," Basinski said in a statement. "It is my NY home: The Mothership, I call it. My only regret is that our sparkling den mother, my dear friend Suzanne will not be there with us in person. She gave her life for what she believed in. And what she believed in was us, her artists: her babies and creating a home for all of us. So, together in this beautiful home she created, we will take a long trip through the galaxies searching for her Starlight. Shine on Mother darling. We love you. We'll meet you on the astral plains."

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