William Doyle, who released two albums as East India Youth (including 2014's Mercury Prize nominated album Total Strife Forever), will release new album Great Spans of Muddy Time on March 19 via Tough Love.

Where he spent four years meticulously working on his first album of songs under his own name, 2019's Your Wilderness Revisited, for this album Doyle took a quicker, looser approach. “Instead of feeling a loss that I could no longer craft these pieces into flawless ‘Works of Art’, I felt intensely liberated that they had been set free from my ceaseless tinkering,” says Doyle. “The album this turned out to be – and that I’ve wanted to make for ages – is a kind of Englishman-gone-mad, scrambling around the verdancy of the country’s pastures looking for some sense."

The process seems to have worked out well. The album's first single, "And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)" -- which may be a comment on new new way of doing things -- is lovely widescreen pop, You can hear a little Robert Wyatt but also little ELO in there. You can listen to that below.

william doyle - great spans of muddy time

I Need To Keep You In My Life
And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)
Somewhere Totally Else
Who Cares
Nothing At All
New Uncertainties
St. Giles’ Hill
A Forgotten Film
Theme from Muddy Time
[a sea of thoughts behind it]

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