Avant-garde composer and Disintegration Loops creator William Basinski is prepping a new work, titled On Time Out of Time, that will be out early next year via Temporary Residence. He's been performing it live at shows this year and here's a bit about it from Electronic Beats' review of a Berlin show:

Like his most famous works, it explores a kind of organic decay. Specifically, it deals with the sounds generated by gravitational waves—”ripples in space and time”—that have been emitted by the collision of two neutron stars. The audio source material comes from equipment at the MIT and Caltech-operated Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in California specifically designed for this purpose. Funkhaus’ own description explains, “Basinski’s piece navigates the 1.3 billion-year gradual disintegration of these trailblazing waves as they journey to Earth, after detonating with the colossal violence of their cosmic conception.”

Basinski be performing "On Time Out of Time" in NYC on November 1 at Outpost which is a benefit for Outpost Artist Resources that, since 1991, has been an "incubator and platform for the experimental media arts continues on into the future." Tickets are on sale. He's also got appearances Europe this fall, and more info on those are at his website.

Listen to The Disintegration Loops below.

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