Kinfolk Studios, the long-running multi-use Williamsburg space on Wythe Ave and N. 11th that has housed a cafe, club, restaurant, boutique, events space and design studio, has closed permanently. The news was shared on Kinfolk's Instagram:

It’s with great sadness we share the news that Kinfolk will not be returning & is closing its doors permanently. This is not a decision that has been made lightly. Unfortunately, the reality of the extended shut down and piling up of operational costs has essentially forced the decision to be made for us. We are heartbroken and did not want this to be the way that we said goodbye.

We could not be more proud of the 12 years we spent on the corner of North 11th and Wythe Ave. We could not be more proud of our staff past and present. We could not be more proud of the talent who shared their passions with us. Finally, we could not be more proud of the community that built us, sustained us, and made it feel like, for better or worse, home.

Through the main phases that have been Kinfolk, our main goal has always been to cultivate a culture and connection, we’re getting people to space to express and be there 100% true selves. We cannot stress the amount of gratitude we have for everyone who took part in and added to our ever evolving community.

We can only hope the energy created in our spaces will inspire and help grow the next scene, sparking a future of an ever-changing New York still built an expression acceptance and freedom to be yourself. This is the ethos we believe that makes the city the best place on planet Earth.

With all the love in our hearts we hope to see you all on the next path.

Kinfolk housed a daytime cafe, Kinfolk 90 (that was also once home to acclaimed Nordic restaurant Aska), as well as nighttime club and cultural hub Kinfolk 94 which was next door. Kinfolk, you'll be missed.

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