David Byrne "I’m wondering what’s with the pepper grinding ritual that invaded U.S. restaurants a decade or 2 ago? I agree that freshly-ground pepper is a nice addition to many foods — like salt, it seems to bring out the flavor, to stimulate the palate. But that’s obviously not the point of this ritual — the point is social, economic, and psychological. How and why did it become a little ritual to have the food arrive and then be quickly followed by a man (usually a man) who asks, 'Do you want some pepper ground over that?' He wafts the phallic object over your food like a wand and waits for you, the master, to tell him 'when'. Then he is gone and may never return." [David Byrne]

Wayne Coyne "I'm always having to convince people that I do normal stuff like washing dishes and cleaning the gutters, and I'm not permanently off my head. The desire to roll around in a space bubble is just one side of my personality. And wouldn't most people do it if they had the chance? The difference is that I really do have the chance. Ain't that great?" [Wayne Coyne]

* This weekend The Flaming Lips are playing two shows @ Webster Hall in NYC. I have two tickets to give away to the Saturday show.

* David Byrne recently revamped and reissued eight Talking Heads CD. I have at least one of these CDs to give away.

TO WIN THESE PRIZES: E-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: TALKING LIPS). One winner will be picked at random for each prize. If you prefer the CD, say so in the email. I won't share your email address with ANYONE. Contest ends Wednesdy March 29 @ 6PM.

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